When Healthcare Cost Containment Fails

            Each June, (PwC) projects the growth of employer medical costs for the upcoming calendar year. For 2019, PwC expects an “unsustainably high” cost increase of 6%.

            PwC finds that employers now confront a marketplace where consolidation among...

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            Stop Rationing Primary Care

            Health insurance plans are based on a rationed primary care model. Over the past decade, ever-higher deductibles, increases in the percentage of costs an employee pays for services subject to cost-sharing arrangements, and the proliferation of...

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            Employers Must Rein in Healthcare Costs

            In the absence of meaningful government initiatives, employers are on the front lines, faced with choosing either to reign in exploding healthcare costs or to bear the financial consequences.

            In recent months, several notable actions have...

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            How to Best Deliver Cost Effective, Convenient Care Onsite

             Companies have lots of choices these days when it comes to reducing healthcare costs. Onsite clinics, and now onsite kiosks, offer on-demand and immediate care to employees at work.

            While telemedicine kiosks may seem like a great way to provide...

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            Using Your Carrier’s Telemedicine Service Could Cost More Than $500K

            The old adage “You get what you pay for” is a quote I often find myself muttering when I choose the cheaper option. In the end, those irresistible deals don’t always turn out to be a sound investment with an optimal ROI.

            This is especially true...

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            For some employers, telemedicine is living up to potential. Is Yours?

            As someone in the benefits industry, you didn’t need the Wall Street Journal article to tell you telemedicine is transforming health care. But you might also know that, unfortunately for the vast majority of employers who have telemedicine, it...

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