Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet

            What’s in your medicine cabinet? We sat down with Dr. Mark Friedman, First Stop Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a veteran emergency room physician, and he said there’s a critical item missing from most people’s medicine cabinets: a thermometer.


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            Dr. Friedman, First Stop Health CMO: Physicians Should be Innovators

            Chief Medical Officer at First Stop Health and emergency room physician Dr. Mark Friedman answers questions about medicine and the medical system on

            What's the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today?

            The biggest barrier to...

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            How Telemedicine Treats Pink Eye, Lice and Strep

            It seems like kids are constantly battling illnesses. Whether it’s the stomach bug being passed around the 2nd grade or runny noses, our little ones keep going ‘round and ‘round the merry-go-round of runny noses and sick days.

            What's more, 39% of...

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            Do You Really Have a Cold? Or Is It Actually the Flu?

            You wake up in the morning and can barely raise your head off the pillow. A pounding headache, congestion, cough, aches, fever--you can’t even imagine driving yourself to the doctor.

            What is this and can it be treated? How can you tell if you have...

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            When Agitators Attack: Allergies vs. Viruses

            You’ve had a dull headache for days. Your nose just won’t stop running. A string of tissues follows you everywhere you go, and it’s really starting to get annoying. So where did this come from? Was someone sick at work? Or maybe it’s because of all...

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            The Real Risks of Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

             “Doctor, I cough until I vomit." The patient’s statement stopped me. This is a classic symptom of pertussis, also sometimes called "whooping cough." I had learned about it in medical school, but had never seen a case. It was a disease of the 19th...

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            How to Defeat Your Ugly Spring Allergies

            Spring is a time to look forward to warm weather, green setting in, flowers blooming. But with spring comes the one ugly word that dampens the season: allergies. 

            Allergies come with the annoying sneezing, coughs, inflammation, and the “allergy...

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            Is Your Sore Throat a Sign of Something Serious?

            5 times a year, you get to hear the moans and groans of your child suffering through a sore, swollen throat:

            “Mooooooooooom. My throat huuuuuurts.”

            Some 40 to 60% of the time sore throats are viral, and there’s simply not much you can do but wait it...

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            Does Being Cold Make You Sick?

            You probably have quite a few memories of mom and dad telling you, “Bundle up, it’s chilly outside. You’ll catch a cold!”

            A study was released in January suggesting that the old adage might be right, but don’t let your mom say “I told you so” just...

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